Sing About Me

by Cassie

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All music and lyrics by Cassie.
Produced by Jussi Vuola and Cassie.
Recorded and mixed by Jussi Vuola at V.R. Studio.
Mastered by Jaakko Viitalähde at Virtalähde.

Cello on “Gothenburg” and “Deep Sea Documentaries” by Johannes Juva. Flugelhorn on “Golden” by Matias Långbacka.


released September 6, 2012



all rights reserved


Cassie Finland

Cassie is a post-rock / indie band from Finland. Our music consists of beauty, big sounds and even bigger feelings.

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Track Name: Whalers
My feet are frozen, you can't feel a thing
It's time for choosing
It it snowing

Out of sight and out of mind
You cannot run, you cannot hide
We'll make up another time
It is snowing

It feels unreal
We'll fall asleep so peacefully
My mind's made up
I've had enough of this pretending

You choose to stay but I'm already gone
Track Name: Gothenburg
I spent my days and weeks counting hours and minutes
to the day you come home, finally come home

I spent my days and weeks by the phone waiting your call
It's hard to live life to the fullest when you're somebodys plaything
But I knew all the time that it's you who decides where this would go

Your voice is breaking up as the signal gets weaker, like your feelings for me
And I'm dreading every call for it may as well be the final one
This has been the coldest of the years and it's only getting colder
Uncertainty makes me older in a way that I wish I didn't know

And I waited and waited

This ship won't find its way home it will sink near the Gothenburg shore
Sometimes I find myself hoping that someday you'll make your graceful return

Please don't
Track Name: Deep Sea Documentaries
It's all over now, we've had our break and now the coast is clear
to make our way through the thick and the tangible
Cards are drawn, choices are made everyday
It shouldn't be this hard, we're getting a bargain
So take your pick and hold on tight
Don't you get it? This is life
No need to rush my dear, there's always those who have it worst than you

Don't let the gravity hold you down

I am terrified, a long term plan has never suited me
It's all make believe, someone else's goals I should achieve
It's not for me
Case is closed, your turn is up, we do that everyday
Your heart's not really in it, somehow that makes it ok, not to measure up to their expectations
Ladies tend to have more on their minds to apologize, holding troubles of the universe behind their sorry eyes

Don't let the gravity hold you down

Close your eyes
Don't think about it
Forever is too long and space is too big
The sea is filled with creatures that we don't know about
Don't worry about the big stuff
Just stay with me for now
Track Name: Alex
Guitar riffs and car rides, midnight swims, here we have no tides
I heard you once and I felt loved
Cowboy boots that hurt my feet, masquerading how I really feel
These nights I would not chance for anything

But now your charm and confidence are crumbling of your skin
You're not a man, just a boy and a mess

Alex, I'm calling you Alex
Alex, don't be a fool Alex
Let me change your mind
Act like a gentleman for once in your life
For one night be all mine

I changed my standards for you and did things I would not normally approve
Never thought a sentiment could get me so corrupted
Two years ago I bought the whole act but now I can see through the fox smile that you wear
Poets, pronounciaton only get you so far
They get you so far

Still I want to be the woman of your songs, Alex
Sing about me and make it believable
Still I want to be the woman of your songs, Alex
Sing about me and make me believe

Don't make me beg for it
Don't make me beg for it
Don't make me beg
Track Name: Golden
This town gets quiet at night
No one follows the road
Found out what is your name
Slowly everything's changing

In this empty town, in our empty town
They belong to us, the streets belong to us

Shameless happiness washes over me
Lifelong promises we intend to keep
You call it honesty and I want to believe

You caught me by surprise when I wasn't looking
Know these things are not easy to find
You don't really know me at all
and that's why I hold you so dear